A look back at July

News Aug 3, 2022

Hello folk! I wanted to take a look back at what happened last month in the tech world and highlight some community news as well.  Enjoy!

New User Group

For those in Scotland, there is a new user group starting at the end of August.  The Modern Enterprise Management User Group, will be meeting up in Glasgow on the 31st August.

Azure News ☁️

There were a lot of announcements made last month, especially around the conference Inspire from Microsoft.  I've picked out 5 stories that I thought were worth highlighting.

Looking back at the analytics the most popular blog posts in July were:

What was your favourite blog from me in July?

Azure Arc Jumpstart

Azure Arc Jumpstart
Azure Arc Jumpstart

The Azure Arc Jumpstart is a great resource for getting your hands on Azure Arc environments to test scenarios or learn how things work together.  The team are always trying to improve it and add functionality.  Check out the latest release notes to see what is new.

GitHub City

A project started by some in the community allows you to view your GitHub contributions as a city! It's pretty cool.  Go over to https://honzaap.github.io type in your GitHub user name and select a year and allow it to do it's magic. 😉

My GitHub contributions this year looks like this:

GitHub City
GitHub City

Thank you!

Thank you for tuning in and if you got this far, thank you.  Please do share this with your network if you've enjoyed it and hopefully catch you soon!

- Sarah


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