StreamYard - Doesn't Automatically Share Screen

Set StreamYard up so it doesn't automatically share your screen into your stream when you add it to the studio.


In a previous blog post I talked about how I have started to use Streamyard for my recordings and live streaming. I've become a firm fan of StreamYard over the last few months. It's great for doing interviews with others and for some straight forward streaming live shows.

What I have notice though, is if you are streaming and half way through you start to share your screen, maybe you've decided that you want to show something to your audience after all. StreamYard automatically shares the screen, which could lead to some awkward moments if you are not expecting it.

Now it only does this if you are the admin for the StreamYard account, if you are a guest on someone else's StreamYard it doesn't automatically add your screen to the stream.

To avoid this happening there is a checkbox that you can turn off.

You configured your broadcast studio as you need it, once you enter the broadcast studio this is where you want to configure the setting.

Click on Settings down the right hand side, it will launch a pop up menu. Click on General and then untick "Automatically add shared screens/videos to stream" and then close the settings menu.