Speaking at Evolve

I've been accepted to speak at Evolve in September 2018 in Birmingham, UK.

Speaking at Evolve

I recently received the confirmation email that I will be speaking at the Evolve conference in Birmingham, UK. The conference has been running a few years under the UC Day originally. The event is organised by a group of people including some Microsoft Valuable Professionals (MVP), they are also behind the Microsoft Cloud User Group events.

The conference is on September 10th at the National Conference center located at the National Motorcycle Museum, my session will be entitled "Governance in the Cloud". My session hopes to cover off:

"We are changing our mindset to deploying IT services within the Cloud which gives us an abundance of opportunities and agility but also presents some new challenges. Particularly around managing costs and avoid unexpected consumption expenses.

It's important to allow your IT personnel to be able to use the cloud to it's fully potential but equally important to understand your costs, control your spend, ensure services deployed are compliance with your business guidelines/services and ensuring the right people have the right access.

During this session I will talk you through some of the challenges I have seen out in the field as an Azure Cloud Solution Architect, recommended best practices and the tools that are available to help you implement those best practices.

Change your mindset and make the most of the cloud!"

Tickets are free from the conference website and if you can get along to the event I highly recommend you do so. I look forward to seeing you there!