Speaking at Evolve and SQLGLA

I had the pleasure of speaking at Evolve and SQLGLA in September 2018, thank you to everyone involved!

Speaking at Evolve and SQLGLA

In September I was privileged to speak at and attend two great (free!) events in the UK Conference calendar, Evolve and SQLGLA. Evolve is a conference held in England and SQLGLA is a conference held in Scotland.


Evolve is a conference that in past years has focussed on Exchange, Skype and Office 365. But has evolved to cover the majority of the Microsoft products now.

In the past they've always attracted speakers from all over the UK as well as the world and this year was no different. The speaker line up was very impressive and it was a real honour to be included in it. My session was on Governance in the Cloud.

The National Conference center in Birmingham is a great location for this kind of event, the team put in a lot of work to pull the event together. From an attendee/speaker point of view the event went smoothly with no issues, so a massive thank you to everyone to helped to pull the event together! It is very much appreciated!

Thank you to everyone as well that came and listened into my session. Thanks to those as well that reached out during the session with questions, it's nice to have an audience interact during sessions.

I collected some good, positive and constructive feedback via my feedback app, so another thank you to everyone that filled that in. I will take it on board and try and improve in the future.


A few days after Evolve the second SQLGLA conference was held in Glasgow. I was also presenting my Governance in the Cloud session at this event.

I never got the chance to attend the inaugural event last year, so was super excited to be able to attend and speak at this year's event. Held in The Studio in Glasgow's city center it was super easy to get to, and it was a great venue for the event to take place in.

SQLGLA primarily focussing on data platform topics, which is outside my comfort zone being an Infrastructure engineer at heart, but I was excited to be able to hear some people I've interacted with on Twitter speak and get the chance to meet them.

What was evident from the whole event was the community spirit, the #SQLFamily truly did exist at the event that day. It was really nice to be part of that.

Thank to you everyone that came and sat in on my session, big shout out to Cathrine for being the room monitor on the day and calming my nerves at the start of the session. I recently got the official feedback back from the event orgnaisers and I was blown away by how positive it was, so thank you to all the attendees that provided feedback!

My Mum was even lucky enough to win a great prize donated by Adatis, she was well chuffed!

Thank You

Thank you to all the event organizers for giving up their free time to creating these great events for the IT community, thank you to all the sponsors for backing the events, thank you to all the speakers for sharing their knowledge and thank you to all the attendees for taking the time to support these events.

As always if you’d like to reach out and speak to me about any of the above please get in touch via Twitter @TechieLass