Reducing the echo in my home office - The Results

Reducing the echo in my home office with homemade acoustic panels.

Reducing the echo in my home office - The Results

This is the third part of my blog series. The first part talks about the problem and my proposed solution, the second part talks about building the solution (the acoustic panels) and this the part talks about the before and after effect on my audio.

Audio before any panels

Doing a simple clap test, using my Rode NT USB microphone and Audacity to record with this is what it sounded like.

Home Office - Clap no panels Audition

I can hear the echo and I can see the sound of the clap going on longer if I import the file into Adobe Audition and have a look at it there.

After the panels

Again doing a simple clap test after the panels are mounted to the wall, I can hear and see a difference.

Home Office - Clap with panels Audition

Happy but what's next?

I had a really fun time doing this project and I'm glad to see my efforts have resulted in some improvements in my audio quality. And I've also got some nice canvases to look at in my office while still keeping it nice and airy and bright.

I've seen lots of people put audio treatment on their ceilings to help and it's something I am considering but I'm not sure whether I want to hang a panel there (don't want it to fall on my head!), so I might look at getting some acoustic foam. If anyone had any suggestions or insights I'd love to hear them.