Windows Virtual Desktop Roadmap

Join Tom Hickling and myself as we dive into the upcoming Windows Virtual Desktop roadmap features

Windows Virtual Desktop Roadmap

As part of the IT Ops Talks: All things Hybrid event that my team and I created I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Hickling to talk about Windows Virtual Desktop(WVD), how it's been helping organisations during the pandemic and also how organisations can use it in a hybrid environment and what that would mean.

We also got a chance to look at the WVD Roadmap, which has some cool features. Tom shared information about RDP Shortpath and demo'd it in action for us.

A new feature on the roadmap is also MSIX App Attach. MSIX App Attach is a new packaging method that aims to improve the packaging experience for all Windows apps. The aim is to keep the user, operating system and data seperate from the apps, so that if you need update or change the app for whatever reason it's independant and not backed into your traditional master image.

The next feature that Tom demo'd was Anti Screen Scraping. This feature is all about stopping users from sharing sensitive data, either by accident or on purpose. It blacks out your WVD desktop if you are using a screen sharing app, such as StreamYard, Microsoft Teams and much more.

Check out the session, Tom shares alot of insight into these roadmap features and how you can drive future roadmap features.