Weekly Update #94 - Azure news roundup

Weekly Update Jun 4, 2021

Last week we had a ton of news thanks to Microsoft Build and the amazing things that happened then.  However, there has been some news this week.  I've created a quick round up video and audio podcast that you can view or listen to in order to catch up. 😊


Hey everybody, welcome to this weekly update with myself, Sarah Lean. Now in this week's news, we have a new roll up update from the Azure Site Recovery Team. So update roll out 55 is now available. So if you have Azure Site Recovery in your environment, go and check that out. Also, this week and the Azure Security centre team have released new recommendations around hardening your Kubernetes clusters. Now these recommendations are in preview again, go and check them out if you're using Azure Security centre and Kubernetes clusters in your environment. So the third bit of news is that the Azure digital twins Explorer is now available. Now. This is visualising explorer that allows you to see things like the Azure digital twins API's. So again, if you're using Azure digital twins, go and check out this new visualizer. Now, we all love a bargain. And this generally available feature should help you with that if you're using Azure Data bricks, you now have the ability to use Azure sport virtual machines there and save some money. So again, go and check that out if you're using Azure data, bricks and your environment. So again, another bargain the Azure Cosmos DB free tier has no been extended, you can now get more provisioned throughput or request units per second and storage each month. So if you're using that fleet here, go and check out the new aim extended options that you have. Thank you everybody for tuning in to this weekly update. I hope you're all having a good week and I'll catch you in my next video.


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