Weekly Update #85 - Parallels between women in tech and women in farming

Weekly Update Apr 2, 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome to my weekly update!  This week has been a bit of a hectic short one, here in the UK we are off for Easter on Friday (today) and then again on Monday and I so wasn't prepared for two 4 days weeks, definitely hadn't built my schedule around that.  However, not to worry, tasks will still be completed. 😊

In my weekly update this week I catch up on some of the Azure news that's happened and I also talk about the parallels I've been noticing between the women in farming struggles and women in tech issues.  

You can watch my weekly update below, or listen to the audio only version.  And then if you scroll further down you'll get links to further reading for the Azure news and also more resources.

So grab a comfy seat and your favourite drink and join me, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the news or what else I talk about. 👍



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