Weekly Update #77

Weekly Update #77

Despite the rain and bleak day here in Scotland I braved the outdoors to get some fresh air and also do my weekly update video! Not the most pleasant scenery this week, but with lockdown restrictions in place in Scotland I am limited to where I can travel at the moment. Here's hoping as we start to approach Spring we can get the restrictions lifted and get to travel a bit more and explore different locations.

This week has been a big week, my team and I launched the IT Ops Talks: All things Hybrid event, which saw us do a live stream for the keynote with Mark Russinovich followed by a live Q&A with the man himself. We then released all the sessions that we had recorded, which you can view at your leisure on YouTube. Please do let us know what you think of the sessions and if you have any questions.

As well as that news I covered off why I do what I do, the creating videos, the creating blogs, the community activities, I enjoy it, and I think folks need to remember to focus on the things they enjoy and focus on that. Not what everyone else is doing. If you enjoy it and the success, the audience will follow you. Even if that audience is just your boss noticing you. 😉

For the Azure news that I mentioned check out the links below:

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