Weekly Update #110 - GitHub, Network Security Dashboard, Availability Zones and Hacktoberfest!

Weekly Update Oct 2, 2021

Last day at Microsoft, however something lots of people have asked is if I will continue these videos, and I still enjoy making them so I will continue to do them as long as I enjoy them and find value in them. 😊

In this week's video I talk about the latest GitHub Enterprise Server release and the GitHub pricing calculator that can help you cost up Codespaces, GitHub Actions etc.

In the Azure news I talk about how there is now a program that can get your Open Source project Azure credits for a year, for more information head over to https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/opensource/2021/09/28/announcing-azure-credits-for-open-source-projects/

And lastly I covered off some tips and hints on how to get involved with Hacktoberfest this year!


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