Weekly Update #104 - Az Modules, VPN Client for macOS, foldable phones

Weekly Update Aug 16, 2021

Number 104 of these weekly update's marks my 2 year anniversary of doing them!  Which I actually cannot believe.  As such I did a live stream and did a small prize giveaway. 👌

It was great to do the live and interact with some of the audience, so thank you to everyone that came along and commented.  It is much appreciated.

Someone during the live show asked me if I enjoy doing the updates and I do, they are a lot of work at times but they help keep me up to date and I think they are well received and useful to everyone.    It's nice to hit the 2 year mark but I might miss a week or two now while I'm on holiday with family.  I've always tried to keep the streak going, maybe I'll be a bit easier on myself, but then again, maybe not. lol

If you missed the live show it is still available on demand, but in video format and audio format, so please do check it out!


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