Weekly Azure Updates

Let's share the latest Azure news in a weekly update!

Weekly Azure Updates
Weekly Azure Updates

Back in August 2019 I took the plunge and started creating videos on YouTube. It was a start of a weekly journey, where I would create a video each week sharing interesting Azure news and wider tech news.

I’d never really spoke to a camera before and wasn’t skilled in editing and how to be a “YouTuber”.

Once I started doing the weekly videos I started to branch out into creating other videos, Azure at a Glance, Tutorial videos, and much more.

The weekly videos, great arms and legs.  I started turning the videos into podcasts and writing a blog post each week as well.

It became a large part of my week.

This was all until December 2021, when I started to fall out of love with the whole process and really didn't see the value in it.

I continued to post other videos on my channel and enjoyed that much more.  However, with my job role change I am back to trying to keep up to date with the Azure news much more and want to have an outlet for sharing what I am learning about.  

So it's time for a comeback!

I am bringing the weekly updates back to see how they play out with the audience...

The first one is out today, and is available in video and podcast format from a variety of sources:

- YouTube
- Spotify
- Apple Podcast
- Google Podcasts
- Amazon Music

Would love to have you join me and support my new(?) project!