Get started with vlogging

I've started to do some vlogging lately, I thought it would be helpful to share the technology I use to do that.

As some of you may know I've started doing weekly update videos on YouTube, where I share what I've been up to, Tech news etc. I started doing it as I'm not massively comfortable standing in front of a camera and speaking on my own, so the hope is I start to get used to it.

I spent some time before I started the videos learning about audio and video equipment, I could have gone crazy and spent a small fortune on equipment but I decided to use a combination of items I already had and add good equipment without spending a fortune.


For the video recording I'm using my mobile phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S9, I've always liked the cameras on it and I think the video quality is quite good.


I did considerable research on this and was going to invest in expensive microphones that I could use with my PC and Webcam, but once I decided to use my mobile phone for the video recording I had to look in another direction.

After some searches I stumbled across a few vloggers that recommended the Boya BY-M1 lavalier microphone. It is a wired microphone, but it has a long lead, 6meters, which can be plugged into my mobile phone or a larger camera. It came with a carry case, a wind muff and a clip. My phone instantly recognised it as an external microphone and it's easy to clip on my clothing, I also think the resultant sound is quite good.

For the price point the microphone is a good buy.


I picked up a cheap tripod on eBay with a mobile phone holder, it isn't the best tripod but it's doing the job and shown me what I want and need from a future purchase.


So far I've really enjoyed doing the videos and am starting to think of other ideas for videos. If anyone has any comments or feedback or questions about my videos or equipment please reach out.