Updating your Surface Dock Firmware

Your Surface Dock has some smart logic built into it and you should make sure your firmware is up to date like any other smart device.

Updating your Surface Dock Firmware

I recently got a Microsoft Surface Docking Station, which has allowed me to plug in a bunch of USB accessories and my monitor into one place, allowing me to tidy up cables and make it easier when I want to connect or disconnect my Surface Book 2 to these accessories. A simple thing but a powerful one.

Now the Surface Dock has smart logic built into it, inside of it it has micro controllers that can be updated with firmware updates, just like any other smart device.

So one of my tasks this week while I was working through other admin tasks was to make sure the firmware was up to date on it. It's a relatively simple process.

Let's walk through it.

Step 1 Ensure that your Surface device is plugged into the Surface Dock

Step 2 Head over to the Surface Tools for IT website

Step 3 Click Download

Step 4 One of the software options to download will be called something along the lines of *
Surface_Dock_FwUpdate_1.42.139_Win10_version_number.msi* select this as the file you want to download, select Next and the software should start to download

Step 5 Once the software has downloaded, find the MSI and run it. It will start a simple wise that will install the firmware on your Surface Dock.

Step 6 Once the software is installed it will ask you to restart your device to complete the install.

It's that simple.