Ubiquiti Dream Machine Dashboard won't load!

Ubiquiti Aug 29, 2023

The other day I could not get my UniFi app to load any information. Or get any response from the UniFi web console.

Client devices could still connect and browse the Internet fine, so I didn't want to do a full reboot of the whole system.

I managed to reset the UniFi OS through SSH which solved the problem, so let's walk through the process.

Enable SSH

  • Browse to the UniFI web OS console within your browser
  • Go to Settings > System
  • Enable SSH and set a secure password

Connect to UniFi with SSH

  • Open up a command line prompt
  • Type in ssh <username>@<IP address>
The <username> for UniFi Consoles (UDM Pro / UNVR / Cloud Key) and UniFi Gateways (UXG Pro) is always ‘root’.
Connect to UniFi with SSH
Connect to UniFi with SSH

Restart UniFi OS via SSH

Now you are connected to the UniFi system via SSH, you can interact with the system.

In this case we want to restart the UniFi OS.

To do that issue the command:

unifi-os restart

It will take a few minutes for it to cycle through all the necessary services that it needs to stop and restart.

Once it's finished you will be able to connect to the UniFi OS via the web console or app and interact with the system again.


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