Top Stories from the DevOps Community - 29 August 2022

DevOps Aug 29, 2022

Howdy folk!

How are you all?  For many in the UK this is a Bank Holiday.  Which means no work.  For me up in Scotland it isn't though, so I'm busy practicing and prepping for my presentation at Data:Scotland later this week.  Will be strange and nice to be back in person again.

Community Blogs

This is an older blog post but, I spotted it the other day and thought it was worth re-sharing.  Matteo Emili talks about five common mistakes people make when approaching DevOps, and what considerations you should be making.

Bryan Finster shares this really interesting article talking about where DevOps often falls down. Worth checking out for sure and see if you notice any of these failings.

In this blog post Ashish Yadav, shares his thoughts on what DevOps, MLOps and AIOps.  And the differences between them.  Do you agree with his definitions?

Azure News

Thank you!

Thank you to you all for your contributions to the community, it's a great space to be part of!

If you've created a video or blog post or other content and want it shared please reach out to me on Twitter @techielass and I'd be happy to share your content in the next post.

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