Swissgear GA-7305-14F00 Synergy Laptop Bag Review

Swissgear GA-7305-14F00 Synergy Laptop Bag Review

As an IT Consultant I often have to carry my office with me to client sites and having a comfortable, secure backpack to do this is a must. A few years ago I purchased the Swissgear GA-7305-14F00 Synergy Bag and have thoroughly enjoyed my purchase.


Having ten pockets, all of varying sizes is extremely handy. It allows me to organise all my items into a neat organised structure for easy access. The laptop pocket at the back easily carries and protects my Lenovo E540.

While the wee pocket at the top is handy for storing my passport, pens, headphones, phones, powerbars, keys and much more for quick access. The four pockets on the sides (two each side) allows me to easy carry umbrellas and bottles of water on the outside avoiding any water damage to the items on the inside of my bag.

The main storage pocket is massive and I've managed to fit a change of clothes for an overnight stay, books, notepads and charging cables etc without any hesitation.  I've also still been able to fit the bag easy into cabin luggage on airplanes.

The bag has a stiffened floor that gives the bag its stand-up behaviour which is useful when packing or emptying the bag.  This stiffened floor can also be easy raised so that the bag can be collapsed flat. Even fully packed with items the backpack is comfortable to carry and helped to easy the weight being carried.  There is no waist strap on this model but it's not a problem for me as I don't want to many straps and clips hanging off the bag that could get caught.

The zips on the bag are also built so that you can easily slip a padlock between them to secure your items if you need to leave it somewhere. I'd highly recommend this backpack for any IT professional. If you are interested in purchasing this bag you can find it on sale at Amazon UK here -  Please note this is an affiliate link and purchasing via this link will help support this blog.