Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Review

In December (or maybe early January) I got a Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard for the home office. I was excited and apprehensive about it, if I'll be honest. I am a massive fan of the keyboards the Microsoft Surface team have been creating on their devices and just love the feeling and response from them. So I was excited to try out this keyboard, but I had never owned or really used an ergonomic keyboard before so was nervous about the learning curve and whether it would be comfortable for all day use.

It take me awhile to get used to the new key placement and actually break some bad typing habits I have but as it's my main keyboard and I write a lot on my computer (blog writing 😉) it only took me about a month or so to get used to it and start to try and get rid of some of those bad typing habits.

There are still some times when I have to look down and figure out where some keys are or the key combinations but overall I've gotten used to the layout and love it.

My favourite keyboard of all time is the keyboard that is built in to my Surface Book, but this is definately a close second. The keys are response and feel really nice. It doesn't a lot of effort to push the keys to get a response. 😀

You do get a clickity clack noise from the keyboard but it's not loud or disruptive. I'm definately not a fan of loud or noisy keyboards. This just has the right amount of noise for me.

The one thing I am not a fan of to be honest, is that the wrist rest is covered in a suede type material. It has a great feeling and works great as a wrist rest but it's start to get stained a little and look grubby. It's not detachable so I will need to figure out a way of cleaning it without ruining the keyboard or getting too much liquid everywhere. 😉

I'm happy with it as the home office keyboard. What keyboard are you using?