Staying Connected

Connecting in the tech community is important. Let's stay connected.

Staying connected
Staying connected

Connecting with the wider tech has made such a difference to my career.

It opened up so many opportunities for me.  

The main source of meeting new people for me has been on Twitter.  For years it was the main platform that I have used to meet people, talk to people, share my content and also learn about community event.  Plus, so much more.

With Twitter's recent developments I thought it might be worth while sharing some other places you can connect with me.  Just in case.

Blog RSS Feed

I know RSS feeds are considered a dead piece of technology these days.  But I still have an RSS feed attached to my blog for those that wish to use it.

You can follow my RSS feed here.


My Instagram feed is mostly pictures of Scotland and the places and things I do outside of work.

You can find me as _techielass there. And would love to meet new people sharing great photos of where they live.


I am quite active over on LinkedIn and find it a great platform to share longer thoughts and get discussions going versus other social media platforms.

Please feel free to connect with me over there, one thing I do ask is let me know why you are connecting, helps provide some context.


Lots of people are moving from Twitter over to Mastadon and while I am not 100% sure of how the platform works or if I'm ready to start interacting on another social media platform.  I do have a profile over there, so please do connect with me there.  And we can see how it goes!


I am active over on YouTube and try to get at least one video up a week.

I don't earn any money from YouTube for the videos I create, so all your support means a lot to me.

Blog Newsletter

And last but by no means least, subscribe to my blog. You'll get an email every time I publish a new blog. And occasionaly I do send out emails to my subscribers only.

Let's never forget that connecting with people in the IT community.  Hopefully I've listed a platform above that you are using and we can always stay connected and learn from each other.