Speaking at TechUG Glasgow

I've been accepted to speak at TechUG Glasgow in August 2018 in Glasgow, UK.

Speaking at TechUG Glasgow

Last year I took the plunge and volunteered to speak at the Technology User Group (TechUG) event in Glasgow. I spoke about Office 365 and whether or not backups were necessary. It was my first real attempt at public speaking and it was a great event to be apart of. Everyone was very friendly and supportive.

The event is due to come back to Glasgow on the 30th August and I'm speaking at it again!

My session is entitled Getting Hands on with Azure Migrate. During the session I am hoping to cover off:

Azure Migrate is a tool that helps organizations get started with the cloud strategy. Using it can help show you the tight interdependencies between applications and workloads that exist with your environment. as well as providing an understanding on how you could migrate your workloads to Azure. This session gives you a starting point for utilising the tool in your organisation.

Tickets are free from the event website and if you can get along to the event I highly recommend you do so. I look forward to seeing you there!