Speaking at Nordic Virtual Summit

Presenting Jan 19, 2021

A while back myself and my colleague Thomas Maurer submitted a session to the Nordic Virtual Summit which is a 2 day online event aimed at the IT Pro community.

We were massively pleased when the organisers accepted our session and although we are presenting remotely and not in person we are really looking forward to it.

We are going to co-present a session called Azure Migration & Hybrid Operations.

Our session hopes to cover off the journey that organisations are looking to take, migrating some workloads to Azure and running through workloads across both the on-premises and cloud environments.

In this session Sarah and Thomas will talk about the migration journey from on prem to Azure and the operations side of Azure once you have workloads within Azure and on prem.

This will be an interactive session, with the Sarah & Thomas presenting some slides and demos but a large portion of the time will be dedicated to Q&A from the audience. Please come prepared to ask the presenters lots of questions on Azure, Hybrid Cloud, Windows Server, Azure Migrate, Azure Arc, and lots more!

Register for the event and join us at 10am CET on the 11th February!


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