Speaking at DATA:Scotland

I'm speaking at DATA:Scotland in September, come and join me!

Speaking at DATA:Scotland
Speaking at DATA:Scotland

I'm pleased to say I have been accepted as a speaker at DATA:Scotland which is being held in Bonnie Scotland in September. 👍

This will be the third time as a speaker at the event. And it's an event I've always really enjoyed supporting.

This time I am delivering a fresh, brand new, never presented before talk.  It's called "Create stand out demos and presentations".

It's an ambitious talk as I know everyone has an idea on what makes a great demo and what makes a great presentation but I am going to share my thoughts. 😊

Why do I think this is something I am qualified to stand up in front of an audience and talk about?  Well I've delivered over 90 presentations across the world to in person and virtual audiences and I've lost count of how many demos I've delivered.

I'm going to be in Auditorium C at 9:30am on the 2nd September, so bring your coffee ☕ and hear me share my thoughts.  And hopefully give you some tips to try in your next presentation and demo.

If you haven't registered for the event it's entirely free to do so, via Eventbrite. There is a lot of great speakers and sessions lined up on the day, so it's definitely worth the effort. 😉

After my session you'll find me hanging around the Octopus Deploy booth as we are sponsoring the event.  I'm sure we'll have swag to give away so come and say hello to myself or Derek. 🐙