Skyline Summer Sessions

Presenting Aug 10, 2020

I have had the pleasure of being invited to take part on the Skylines Summer Sessions series. 😀

If you haven't heard of the Skylines Summer Sessions series, it is a series of interactive sessions that the team at Skylines have put together featuring a bunch of Azure experts on various different topics. They've had Thomas Maurer talking about Azure Arc, Joe Carlyle spoke about Azure Firewall and a ton more.

Richard, Gregor and I talked about Azure Migrate, and Datacentre Migrations. The session will be premiering on YouTube on the 11th August at 6pm UK time, if you aren't based in the UK click on this link to find out when it goes live within your time zone.

Now the session will be going live on YouTube and Richard, Gregor and I will be avaiable within the chat to answer questions so please do join us and ask us any questions. 😀


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