Rebuilding my laptop

How I've tried to automate the rebuild of my laptop with the use of Chocolatey

Rebuilding my laptop

My laptop is well overdue a rebuild, a reinstall from scratch, starting new.  I've been putting it off for a while now, as if you've ever done it, it can be a daunting prospect and lengthy one.

However it needs done, it's well over due.  To help make the process go quicker and hopefully easier, I have started to compile a script I can run after the operating system is reinstalled that will help get all the applications that I use back on my laptop.


To help speed up the process I am going to use Chocolatey, for those that haven't encountered Chocolatey before it's a package management software that can be used on Windows to help manage your software installs.  You can use it both individually or within your organisation.

Chocolatey is open source and anyone can contribute to it's growth.


Once the operating system is up and running I plan on running the following command within PowerShell which will install Chocolatey for me and then it will go off and install the necessary applications that I want on my laptop. The script is below or can be found here.

Putting the -y at the end of each line, confirms yes to any questions that the install has.

Of course there is a bunch of other packages available that you can leverage as well.

Rebuild tips

Do you have any rebuild tips for me? Anything I should be thinking about before embarking on this journey? 😉