OneDrive Throttling

OneDrive Jan 11, 2021

I've recently been trying to upload a bunch of data from my local computer up to my Microsoft OneDrive account, now I dumped about 200GB worth of files in the folder to be sync'd and thought "this will take awhile".  However, I figured maybe a week later or something and it would be done.  No, it's been going on for what seems like months and was starting to think I'd have to find another way to do it.  But I found the issue, I seem to have at some point in the past set THROTTLING on my OneDrive settings and it was only trickling things up to the cloud because of that!

I started to have a dig around the OneDrive settings to see if there was something that I could change to make upload faster, or change the priority of how things were uploaded and I found the Network tab.

OneDrive Throttling Settings
OneDrive Throttling Settings

At some point and for some unknown reason I had set a Limit to something ridiculously low, once I changed that setting the upload sped through and all my files are now protected in the cloud.

Being able to adjust the upload or download rate of OneDrive is great for those times when you want to save some bandwidth for other things on your network, but in this case it really hampered me.

So check your settings, tweak them, make them work for you and not against you! 😉


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