Meet the product teams at MS Ignite

Help shape the roadmap for products by engaging with the Microsoft Product Teams at MS Ignite 2019

Meet the product teams at MS Ignite

The Azure Product Teams are always looking for feedback and input from customers as to how they can improve, add functionality or change functionality within their products. During Microsoft Ignite a lot of the product teams will be holding meetings looking for such feedback and I'd encourage those attending to participate in these meetings. Space is often limited at these types of meetings/workshops.

Application modernization and migration workshop | Meet the Azure Migrate product team

The Azure Migrate product team is running an application modernization and migration workshop at Ignite.

The intent of the workshop is to understand the top challenges you face in migrating applications to modern Azure platforms like Azure Container Service (AKS), Azure App Service etc., and to discuss how we are planning to help make this process easier.

The team would love to have a conversation with you to understand your needs and feedback on the challenges faced currently, and to discuss how they can help solve these challenges. If you would be interested in participating, please fill in the form.

Move Azure Resources from one Azure region to another | Meet the Azure Site Recovery team

The Azure Site Recovery product team is running a cross region move of Azure resources workshop at Ignite.

They want to understand your needs, feedback and discuss various aspects of moving resources across regions. If you'd like to participate please fill in the form.

Share your thoughts | Meet the Azure Cost Management + Billing product team

The Azure Cost Management + Billing product team will be at Microsoft Ignite and they are looking to speak to customers and Microsoft partners to discuss experiences of using the product, discuss any future services you'd like to see and discuss the product roadmap. If you'd like to chat with the team please do fill out the form.

Discuss the future | Meet the Azure DevOps Product Team

The Azure DevOps are looking to speak to software developers, IT Pros, Project Managers and much more to discuss future areas and services. If you'd like to participate please fill in the form

Unblock implementations of Microsoft 365 | Meet Microsoft 365 experts

The Microsoft 365 team are offering a lot different sessions during Microsoft Ignite to help answer any questions or help unblock any implementations of Microsoft 365 services that you may have.

If you would be interested in chatting with them, please fill in the form.

Azure | Meet a product team

Do you work with Azure and want to connect with one of the product teams? This form gives you that flexibility.