MS Ignite 2018 Migration Sessions

A list of the sessions from MS Ignite 2018 that cover off Migration.

MS Ignite 2018 Migration Sessions
MS Ignite 2018 Migration Sessions

As a few of you know my focus in my day job is helping customers start their journey from on-premises to the Cloud, specifically Azure. And as such when I've been looking through the MS Ignite sessions I've been focussing on the ones around Migrations and gathering knowledge from my peers and colleagues.

I thought it might be useful to share the sessions that are on my watch list and help people find/download/view those sessions. The sessions I've choosen are:

  • THR1162 - Seven days to Azure: Assess, migrate and optimize Windows/SQL 2008 estate prior to end of support
  • BRK3337 - Azure migration customer experiences and best practices
  • BRK2034 - Migration to Azure – Why now is the best time to move all your apps, data and infra to Azure
  • THR2153 - Azure migration – plan your journey
  • THR2154 - Azure migration tips and tricks
  • BRK3055 - Azure migration deep dive- Accelerate your migration with the right tools
  • THR2274 - Lessons learned - VMware to Azure migrations
  • THR2351 - On-premises to Azure in three steps
  • THR3005 - Protect your sensitive data as you migrate from on-premises to the cloud

Watching Online

All the sessions at Ignite were recorded and the majority if not all were live streamed during the event. The good thing is those sessions are available to watch on demand now as well.

I've created a short link that will take you through to the streaming website and will display the nine sessions I've got on my watch list.

Download for offline watching

MVP Michel de Rooij created a script awhile back to help people download the PowerPoint and videos from events such as Ignite. I've been using it for several years and he has updated the script so that it can be used to download this year's slidedecks and videos.

It can be downloaded at

It's a very robust script and it has a number of features, including being able to select which sessions to download based on Speaker or Product only. Being able to watch the sessions on demand is great, but if like me you do a far bit of travelling it's good to be able to download the files and watch while on a plane.

To download the nine sessions I suggest watching you can use this command once you have downloaded Michel's script:

& '.\Get-EventSession.ps1' -DownloadFolder C:\Ignite2018 -ScheduleCode THR1162, BRK3337, BRK2034, THR2153, THR2154, BRK3055, THR2274, THR2351, THR3005

As always if you’d like to reach out and speak to me about any of the above please get in touch via Twitter @TechieLass