Microsoft Teams Configure Meeting Presenters

Set up your Microsoft Teams meeting and control who has presenting rights to the meeting

Microsoft Teams Configure Meeting Presenters
Microsoft Teams Configure Meeting Presenters

When you set up a Microsoft Teams meeting by default everyone invited to that meeting will be able to present. Which is find for a lot of meetings, however, when you are in larger meetings or even maybe in an education setting you would like to limit that to certain people.

There are three ways to do this, when you set up the meeting, after you've set up the meeting or during the meeting.

Setting up the meeting

When you set up a Teams meeting from within Outlook you can configure the meeting settings. You can control things like who can bypass the lobby of your meeting room and start the meeting and who can present.

Within Outlook, click on the New Teams Meeting button. A new window will open allowing you to set the meeting team, invite the people, etc. Along the top banner you will see a button called "Meeting Options". This is the button you need. (If you don't see this button, within the body of the email, there will be a URL link to the meeting options instead.)



You have a few options for the the Presenter rights, as I said the default is Everyone. But you can change this to suit your needs.


After the meeting has been setup

If you've set the meeting up and have to change who is presenting you can still do that, you can still tweak the settings to suit what is going to happen during your meeting.

Just find the meeting either in your Outlook calendar or within your Teams calendar and open it up. Within there you will see the Meeting Options URL link and you can tweak the settings there.


During the meeting

Now if during the meeting you decide that others need to be able to present or you've set up the meeting with everyone being able to present and you don't want that, all is not lost, you can change this during the meeting.

Click on the participants list and when it comes up you will see a list of everyone that is in the meeting. Depending on how you've set your meeting up and who has accepted or not turned up to the meeting you will may have several sections, displaying presenters, attendees and invited attendees.

Find the person that you want to give presenter rights to and click on the ellipsis (three dots) beside their name, click on "Make Presenter", you will get a dialog box popping up confirming this is the action you want to take and when you confirm that the attendee will have the rights to present to the meeting.


If someone is a presenter and you want to take those rights away from them the process is the same, instead you will see the option to "Make an attendee", allowing them to stay in the meeting but only as an attendee.


Hopefully the above helps you to configure your meetings the way you want with the right people being allowed to present or not present based on your needs. If you have any questions or comments please do reach out to me via social media or the comments section below. 😀