Live Session: Azure Dashboards

Join me in a live session on my YouTube channel where I will be talking about Azure Dashboards.

Live Session: Azure Dashboards
Live Session: Azure Dashboards

Are you ready to dive into the world of Azure Dashboards? Mark your calendars for a live session on my YouTube channel where we'll unravel the mysteries of Azure Dashboards together. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started with Microsoft Azure, this livestream promises to be an insightful journey.

What to Expect

I'll guide you through the fundamentals of Azure Dashboards, demonstrating how to create, import, and export them seamlessly. No question is too big or small - feel free to ask anything during the live session as we explore the capabilities of Azure Dashboards.

The livestream will be taking place on the 13th December 2023, see below to check out when it will be happening during your time zone.

  • Wednesday December 13 8:50am PST
  • Wednesday December 13 10:20pm IST
  • Wednesday December 13 5:50pm CET
  • Wednesday December 13 4:50pm GMT

Join me for this exciting livestream!

Live Session: Azure Dashboards