Getting started in IT - Your IT Career Questions Answered

In this video I share my career journey and answer questions from young people who are looking to embark on an IT career.

Getting started in IT - Your IT Career Questions Answered

Back in November 2018 I became a STEM Ambassador and ever since then I've always looked forward to interacting with the young people and finding out about their interest in the IT industry. I enjoy being able to provide advice where I can as well. However, with the current pandemic and stay at home orders 🏡 my opportunity to interact with the young people in person isn't possible.

I wanted to still interact and pass on my knowledge at this time and with the help of Toni Scullion and some of my teacher friends I gathered questions that young people had about a career in IT.

In this video I talk a bit about my career journey and then answer the questions sent into me.

I really enjoyed putting this video together and I hope it is beneficial to people looking to embark on a career in IT. If you have any feedback or further questions please let me know either by heading over to the question submission form or drop me an email.

If you are looking to embark on a career at Microsoft check out our career website, it has information related to students, graduates or people who are already in the IT industry and looking for their next role.