Install Windows Terminal with Chocolatey

Tip Sep 2, 2020

At Build 2019 the team announce a new Windows Terminal and that it would be open-source. I remember hearing the announcement and being excited about what it could offer. In May 2020, we say this new Windows Terminal go generally available and I've seen a lot of people adopt it and share information about it.

I'm a big fan of installing software on Windows machines with Chocolatey, it's a great tool for helping you install software easily and also keeping that software updated really easily. I have a file of software I want to have installed on machines that I use, so whenever rebuild my laptops or PCs I just install Chocolatey and the instruct it to install all the software that I want, and I can leave it to do it's then and get on with something else. 😊

I was recently rebuilding a machine and realised that I didn't have Windows Terminal installed, so rather than go into the Windows Store to install it, I looked to see if Chocolatey had a package for it and they did!

Installing software with Chocolatey is really straight forward and is just a single line command. At the time of writing this version 1.1.2233.0 is the current generally available version of Windows Terminal that is available.

The command to install it via Chocolatey is:


I usually always tag on a -y at the end of my choco commands as that's the switch that confirms all prompts, accepting licensing etc.

Once you run that command on your machine you will have Windows Terminal installed and you can start to use it. 😊



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