Install SysInternals with Windows Package Manager

Join me as I show you how you can install the SysInternals Suite of tools using Windows Package Manager!

Install SysInternals Suite with Windows Package Manager
Install SysInternals Suite with Windows Package Manager

If you are a regular to my blog you will know that I am a big fan of Windows Package Manager or WinGet as it's affectionally known.  One of the big asks from a lot of people for a while has been "Can we install SysInternals Suite using Windows Package Manager?"

Well today that is now possible!!

What is the purpose of the SysInternals utility?

SysInternals are a free set of utilities that can help you manage, monitor and troubleshoot the Windows operating system.  They are great tools you can use either as standalone tools or use a few of them to try and diagnose the issue you are having.

There are also tools like ZoomIt that help add some functionality to your operating system, ZoomIt is a great screen zoom and annotation tool.


Windows Package Manager now ships with two sources configured.  One of them is the Windows Package Manager app repository, and the other is the Microsoft Store.  This was announced in version 1.1 earlier in October here.

And today, October 14th 2021, the Microsoft team announced that the SysInternals Suite was now available from the Microsoft Store!

So now you can get all the SysInternals with one install, either from the Microsoft Store or using Windows Package Manager.

Install from Windows Package Manager

To install from Windows Package Manager make sure you have version 1.1 installed, you can check using the simple command winget --version

If you don't have Windows Package Manager installed, check out my blog on getting started and installing it here.

And then type:

winget install sysinternals
Installing SysInternals with Windows Package Manager
Installing SysInternals with Windows Package Manager

Now you will be prompted to accept the publisher information and agreements before installing.  If you want to automatically accept that then you should use the following command:

winget install sysinternals --accept-package-agreements

And the SysInternals suite will start to install for you! 😀

Learn more!

If you want to learn more about Windows Package Manager and see a complete overview of it's features, be sure to check out the Microsoft Learn module - Explore the Windows Package Manager Tool.