Install software to a different location using Windows Package Manager

WinGet Oct 5, 2021

Windows Package Manager is a great tool that can be used to help install, uninstall and keep your software update to date on your PC.  I've covered off it's full functionality in previous blog posts here.

In this blog post I want to cover off the question of what happens if you don't want to accept the default install location of a piece of software and have a dedicated location for software installs, can you still use Windows Package Manager to do the install?

The short answer is yes. Let's look at how. 😊  

So you have a dedicated drive or folder that isn't the "default install location" for software.  How do you tell Windows Package Manager to  install in that location?  With the winget install command you have several options you can use to get the command to do what you want.  For this example we would use the --location option.

For example if you want to install Microsoft Visual Studio Code to a different drive and folder you would use the command: winget install microsoft.visualstudiocode --location "I:\Program Location"

Windows Package Manager install to custom location
Windows Package Manager install to custom location

And if we take a look at that location once the command has completed, we can see it's install the software to the location we wanted.

Windows Package Manager custom location install
Windows Package Manager custom location install

So as I said you can still make use of Windows Package Manager to install software on your machine even if you don't want to use the default install locations.  

Install Windows Package Manager today and give it a try for yourself!


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