Install PowerShell 7 with Windows Package Manager

PowerShell Jul 20, 2021

I recently noticed that on my machine I was on an older version of PowerShell and not taking advantage of PowerShell 7 and I wanted to make sure I was using the latest version.

And since I am a big fan of Windows Package Manager at the moment I wanted to see if I could update my PowerShell version with that. 👍

Install PowerShell 7

So I fired up my Windows Terminal console and typed in

winget search powershell

To see if there was anything available for me to install via the Windows Package manager and I was in luck!

PowerShell options within Windows Package Manager

To install the latest version of PowerShell I typed

winget install --id microsoft.powershell

And after a few minutes the latest version of PowerShell was installed on my machine! 🎉

Using PowerShell 7 in Windows Terminal

Now Windows Terminal is my go to these days for all commands, I have it set up and customised how I like with PowerShell, Azure CLI, Linux and just plain old command line.  I wanted to make sure I could use this shiny new version of PowerShell 7 inside Windows Terminal.

To my surprise it was already added into my profiles within Windows Terminal!

This was done automatically as I had opened the new PowerShell 7 application on my machine and Windows Terminal had detected it! 😊

However, I did tweak my profile so that PowerShell 7 was the default window that loaded when I loaded Windows Terminal!

Below is a short video showing the process that I took.

Installing PowerShell 7 with Windows Package Manager


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