I'm leaving Octopus Deploy!

Career Oct 7, 2022

After 354 days as an Octonaut, it's time to head for a new adventure!

Today, the 7th of October 2022, is my last day at Octopus Deploy.

The past (nearly) year has been a great learning journey for me.  I've stretched both myself technically and non-technically.

When I joined Octopus Deploy, I had never used the tool before, so my first task was to ramp up on the tool.  And I think I did that very convincingly; I delivered my first webinar two months after starting.

I then went on to deliver six talks to user groups and conferences across the world sharing my knowledge about Octopus and its power.

While learning Octopus Deploy, I also expanded to learning more about Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions.  And I finally got round to learning Azure Bicep and creating templates using that Infrastructure as Code language!

never stop learning
never stop learning

As well as expanding my technical knowledge I worked hard to develop the Community team and help grow it.  I wrote a lot of different proposals to help shape how and why we were creating content for the audience, who our audience were, why subtitles on YouTube videos needed to be a default position, why a regular YouTube show was important to the brand of Octopus Deploy and sponsorship of some user groups.

In July this year, I was promoted from Senior DevOps Advocate to Lead DevOps Advocate for the contributions I had made to the team. It's worth noting I wrote a 13 (A4) page document stating what I had done and why it was important in order to get that promotion, so never be frightened to voice your accomplishments!

I definitely learnt a lot of my time at Octopus and am thankful to the journey I've had.

What's next

My new role starts in November, so I am going to enjoy some down time between now and then.  😊


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