I'm leaving Octopus Deploy!

Today is my last day as an Octopus Deploy employee.

I'm leaving Octopus Deploy!
I'm leaving Octopus Deploy!

After 354 days as an Octonaut, it's time to head for a new adventure!

Today, the 7th of October 2022, is my last day at Octopus Deploy.

The past (nearly) year has been a great learning journey for me.  I've stretched both myself technically and non-technically.

When I joined Octopus Deploy, I had never used the tool before, so my first task was to ramp up on the tool.  And I think I did that very convincingly; I delivered my first webinar two months after starting.

I then went on to deliver six talks to user groups and conferences across the world sharing my knowledge about Octopus and its power.

While learning Octopus Deploy, I also expanded to learning more about Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions.  And I finally got round to learning Azure Bicep and creating templates using that Infrastructure as Code language!

never stop learning
never stop learning

As well as expanding my technical knowledge I worked hard to develop the Community team and help grow it.  I wrote a lot of different proposals to help shape how and why we were creating content for the audience, who our audience were, why subtitles on YouTube videos needed to be a default position, why a regular YouTube show was important to the brand of Octopus Deploy and sponsorship of some user groups.

In July this year, I was promoted from Senior DevOps Advocate to Lead DevOps Advocate for the contributions I had made to the team. It's worth noting I wrote a 13 (A4) page document stating what I had done and why it was important in order to get that promotion, so never be frightened to voice your accomplishments!

I definitely learnt a lot of my time at Octopus and am thankful to the journey I've had.

What's next

My new role starts in November, so I am going to enjoy some down time between now and then.  😊