Home Office Setup

An update on my home office setup

Home Office Setup
Home Office Setup

My home office setup has changed quite a bit over the last few years so I thought I'd share what it looks like now.

My home office setup has taken me a few years to build up, I didn't just buy or get the kit that I used in one go. I'm not sure it's a complete setup, there are still some things that I'd love to add and do in the office but right now it suits the majority of my needs and I can do what I need to work wise.

Above is a picture of my setup now, so let's walk through it.


  1. The Surface Book 2 - 13.5"/ 512GB / Intel Core i7 is my work device
  2. Lenovo ThinkVision P27 u
  3. Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, this is the first time I've ever had an Ergonomic keyboard and I never thought I would enjoy using it and I am actually enjoying it
  4. Surface Arc Mouse, I really love this mouse, it's really comfortable to use all day everyday
  5. Stream Deck - this is a recent addition to my home office setup and I am hoping to use it for presenting remotely and helping with some workflows that I have in terms of editing content
  6. Surface Dock - I use the Surface Dock to plug my work laptop into and the connect to the peripheral that I have on my desk
  7. Rode NT-USB Microphone, I am loving this microphone and the audio quality that it is now giving me when I am on conference calls or recording content. It's attached to the RODE PSA1 Boom Arm to help position the microphone I need it and when I don't
  8. Neewer 480 LED Video Light, I have two Neewer 480 LED video lights in my room, one in front of my and there is another just off to the right off the photo. These lights help when I am creating content and keep my picture clear and well lit
  9. Amplifi Instant Home Mesh Wifi, I have the Amplifi Instant WiFi kit in my house and have been very impressed with it, I have put the extender node in my home office to help with the WiFi signal in the upstairs of my house, if you are interested in reading more I wrote a review last year
  10. My desk is the Ikea Idasen, which I really love. It can be moved up and down to allow me to adjust my seating or stand when I want to stretch my legs during the day.
  11. My webcam is the Logitech C920, which I've had for a while. I've found the video quality really has improved since I've added some lighting to the room. I use the webcam for a lot of meetings and recording videos.

Also scattered around my desk are some office friends, I have Channel 9 buddies, a little Linux Penguin, a Unicorn my Mum got me, Bit (the Azure Advocate mascot) and some Watchover Voodoo dolls.