Hello Microsoft!

Hello Microsoft!

I am joining Microsoft in January and I am super excited about it! Back in October I traveled down to the Microsoft Reading Offices and took part in several interviews.

The interviews covered off various topics and I took the team through some presentations that I had prepared.

After an anxious few days I received the call confirming a job offer.  After going through the usual background checks, I am now a month away from starting my new role. When I was a youngster and first discovered Microsoft's products I fell in love and always dreamt of one day working for Microsoft.

To be able to fulfill that dream is super exciting! I will be joining as a Cloud Solution Architect.  I will be helping customers move their workloads to Azure and gain as much value from the cloud solution as possible.

Throughout my career I've been a generalist working on a lot of different products and solutions and it's an exciting opportunity to use that experience to help customers move into cloud computing. It's an exciting time within the world of IT and I am so looking forward to this next adventure in my career. As always reach out to me on Twitter under the handle @TechieLass if you have any questions or comments.