From Pushing Server Cage Nuts to Pushing Code

My session from WinOps London 2019 was recorded where I share my journey from being an on prem engineer to an cloud engineer.

Last year I had the pleasure of being accepted to speak at WinOps London in September 2019. It was my first time at the event and really enjoyed the event and felt very welcomed by the organisers and attendees.

The session I delivered was a new session called From Pushing Server Cage Nuts to Pushing Code.

In the session I shared how I started my career in IT, how I wrestled with hardware and a variety of products over my career. And how I've transitioned from that hardware loving infrastructure engineer to a cloud loving engineer. In my new cloud role I advocate for code deployments of servers, continuous deployment and lots of other tools and concepts I once considered only developers got involved in.

I also touch on how I keep up to date with the latest Azure technology and how I've invested time in pursuing Azure certifications.

Some of the sessions at WinOps were recorded and I am pleased to say that my session was one of them, the session is available on YouTube, so grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy. And please so leave me comments or feedback.