DigiGirlz 2018

Volunteering at a DigiGirlz event

DigiGirlz 2018

The DigiGirlz program is one that Microsoft have give girls an opportunity to learn about careers in technology, connect with Microsoft employees, and participate in hands-on computer and technology workshops. This week I had the pleasure of being a volunteer at an event held in our Reading offices.

The event saw about 160 girls aged between 12-13 come onto campus. The event had a variety of activities through out the day but the main activity was a Micro:bit maker challenge. They task they has been set was to turn an everyday object into something that could be used to help someone with a disability.

It was really interesting seeing the girls come up with ideas, some really exciting and innovative ones then turn that into an actual solution!

It's the first time I've really been hands on Micro:bit, although I have played with the Makecode platform. The majority of the girls were very familiar with the platform and very quickly came up with working code for their solution. Myself and the other fellow volunteers helped when they came across an issue or needed help trying to hook up an external accessory to the Micro:bit.

Also as part of their project they had to prepare a 1minute presentation detailing and demonstrating their solution to three senior people within Microsoft. Again it was great to see the ideas the girls came up with, designing posters, names for their products, practising their pitches and some even came up with dances!

Another great part of the day for the girls was getting a chance to hear people like Cindy Rose and Amy Kate Boyd speak about Women in Tech and inspire the youngsters. They also had the chance at interacting with a panel of Microsoft Apprentices, Interns and Graduates.

It was a fantastic event, and I only wish these kind of things were available when I was the girls age. Maybe I wouldn't have been only one of two girls in my computing courses at school and University.

Hopefully some of the girls will be inspired to explore a career in IT, Be Brave and Be Bold girls, the sky is the limit!

As always if you’d like to reach out and speak to me about any of the above please get in touch via Twitter @TechieLass