These queries were last tested with Configuration Manager version 2006

I recently had to find the MAC Addresses of a bunch of servers that were managed by Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) so I pulled together a simple query that would pull the information out of the database for me. 

I've put together a wee guide on how I implemented the query below:

1 - First of all I opened up my ConfigMgr console and navigated to the Monitoring tab and expanded "Overview". SCCM Query

2 -  Next I right clicked on Queries and selected "Create Query" SCCM Query  

3 - Selecting "Edit Query Statement" next SCCM Query  

4 - Then I clicked on "Show Query Language" SCCM Query  

5 - Within the dialogue box that appeared I typed

SCCM Query  

6 - I then clicked OK and named my Query, then completed the wizard SCCM Query  

7 - My query appeared within the Query list and I was able to Run it. SCCM Query

Which produced some results SCCM Query  

You can modify the ConfigMgr query to pull back the information from specific clients by using:

The above query will find any clients that have laptop as the first part of their name.  

Additional Reading

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