ConfigMgr Query for Name, Serial Number, BIOS Version, IP Address and MAC Address

ConfigMgr Feb 22, 2017

These queries were last tested with Configuration Manager version 2006

I recently had to pull together some information on several servers and I made used of ConfigMgr in order to collate the information.  Below is the ConfigMgr Query that I used and also it's SQL equivalent. Below is the ConfigMgr Query that will pull out the Computer Name, Serial Number, BIOS Version, IP and MAC Address.

The ConfigMgr query is:

When you look at your query statement window, it should look like this. !sccmquery

Here is the SQL equivalent if you wish to use that instead to pull the information out of your ConfigMgr database:


Even if you can't use this query right away I would suggest take a copy of it and storing it.  You never know when this might come in handy, or it could be the start of a query that you need.



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