Cloud 5X20

Cloud 5X20

I had the pleasure of chatting with Prabhath Mannapperuma on his Cloud 5X20 podcast show. Prabhath is a fellow Microsoftie based in Sri Lanka.

We had a great chat about the Cloud Adoption Framework. The Cloud Adoption Framework, or CAF as you'll hear it referred to is a great resource for those that are looking for information on how to move or run their workloads within the Cloud.

The CAF is a collaborative document that has been pulled together by Microsoft employees, Microsoft partners and customers. We also openly encourage others to collaborate within the document as well.

Join my chat with Prabhath to hear more about how the CAF can be used! 😀

If you have a podcast show, I'd love to be a guest, just reach out to me on Twitter and we can get it arranged. 😀