Monetizing With Buy Me A Coffee, Does It Work?

Join me as I explain why I have set up a "Buy me a Coffee" page and look at whether it works or not.

Monetizing With Buy Me A Coffee, Does It Work?
Monetizing With Buy Me A Coffee, Does It Work?

I've been creating blog posts for a long time now, nearly 10 years, I've gotten a lot out of creating blog posts.  I've learnt things and the blogs have been handy when I needed a reminder of how to do things. 😉

I spend time writing these blogs or creating videos, or speaking at events because I love it.   However, I've watched lately as lots of my peers recently monetize their work.  Either in the form of "Buy me a Coffee", or GitHub Sponsors, or even turning on adverts through out their YouTube videos and it's got me thinking.

And although I want the majority of the content I create to be free, it's always be appreciated. 😊

What is Buy Me a Coffee?

Buy Me a Coffee is a way for people to tip or say thank you to content creators.

Content creators can make money by using the platform as the conduit for the audience to show their appreciation.

Anyone can make a contribution as a one off or as regular members.

What's the cost?

As a content creator Buy me a Coffee is free to sign up and use, to an extent.  There are transaction fees, so when someone donates to you Buy Me a Coffee takes 5% and you take 95%.

This is fair as it takes money to run the service and continue to grow it.

How do you get paid?

When someone supports you through Buy Me a Coffee you receive the money straight away either into your PayPal account or through Stripe.  So there is no waiting until you hit a minimum amount or anything like that, you get the money straight away.

How can you tell people about your page?

Share the link in places you think people will see it and click on it! Buy me a Coffee gives you some great branding to help create your own creative and unique way to attract supporters. 😊

So share those links far and wide.

Is it worth it?

I've been using the platform for about a year now, and I'll admit I haven't shared the link or told my audience about the page enough.  So I've seen a lot of people view the page and interact with it, but very few people actually support it (thank you to those that have!).

Maybe there isn't much of a culture within my audience that is willing to "tip" content creators, time will really tell.

Support me!

Buy me a coffee
Buy me a coffee

Folks, if you are enjoying the content that I create and would like to support me by "buying me a coffee" then I'd really appreciate it.  Any money that I earn through this program will be re-invested, ideally I would like to get a new camera for my vlogging and videos over on YouTube.  But ultimately the money will be reinvested into more content and doing things better.

Sign up and give it a try

If you are a content creator and fancy giving this "Buy me a Coffee" thing a go, then click this link and sign up today! 😉