Business Continuity with Azure

Jun 22, 2020

Regardless of what size your business is or what industry your business works within business continuity planning is important. Whether that just be what you do if the electricity goes out in your office building, who do you call, who can help, etc right up to the biggie, where your IT equipment completely fails.

I've worked with customers in the past to work through what they would do in the event of a failure to their IT systems, and that failure takes many guises. Whether it be a natural disaster such as a flood. Or it could be a man made issue, like someone cutting through power or Internet cables or a cyber attack on the systems themselves. All of these scenarios and how they could play out need thought about unfortunately. When I was designing disaster recovery plans, it would often involve a secondary datacentre either that the customer owned or leased space within datacentre providers space.

Things have changed since then though and with the invention of the cloud we are now able to utilise it as the disaster recovery secondary site and try to make things a little more cost efficient and similar, well that is the hope at least. 😉

In a short video series, I talk about utilising Azure as your backup location and your disaster recovery location as well as how to provide connectivity to that secondary site in Azure should you need to invoke it.

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