Azure Family

Keeping up to date these days with technology and all the changes that happen on an almost daily basis. I use the Azure Family to help me keep up to date.

Azure Family

In this new world where technology is changing the way we work and behave in our daily lives it hard to keep up with things that are happening. I know that I struggle at times to keep up with everything that is happening.

Throughout my career I've been classed as what you would call a "generalist", but nowadays the trend appears to be that people are moving into the specialist roles/areas. Whether that be in the Modern Workplace, Apps & Infrastructure, Data & AI or Developer arenas. (*other areas may exist that I've forgotten) So being up to date with everything is even more important.

I spent alot of time on Twitter, I use that as a source of trying to understand trends, learn from what others are sharing, keep an eye on news and generally interact with my peers. It can get messy at times, I follow people who are Infrastructure engineers, Developers, SQL/Data engineers, comedians, farmers, brands I like, celebrities, user groups, friends.... the list just goes on. So I need a way of filtering that down, especially when I am short on time.

Thankfully one of my friends Gregor Suttie (b|t) came up with a hashtag #azurefamily which people can use to share their Azure news, blog posts, questions, etc.

It's a great way to interact with a lot of super smart and interesting people who are working on Azure on a daily basis and find Azure news.

So go search that hash tag, go contribute to that hash tag and have a look to see what Azure user groups are meeting in your area and meet some new people!

Azure Family User Group Graphic