Azure Update Management with AWS Virtual Machines

In this blog post I explore how you can use Azure Update Management to patch your virtual machines hosted in AWS.

Azure Update Management with AWS Virtual Machines

Azure Update Management is something I've been using and advocating for a long time. Back in 2018, I wrote about how I was using Azure Update Management to patch my home lab and a month later I was writing about an issue I had hit patching Server 2008 R2 servers with it. And I've been pretty much extolling it's capabilities to everyone that will listen since. 😉

Recently when I was delivering my 'Hybrid Azure Management' talk someone asked if Azure Update Management can be used with non Azure machines and it CAN. It doesn't just take care of Azure virtual machines, it can manage and patch your non Azure virtual machines, or servers as well.

Azure Update Management can integrate with your existing WSUS installation, or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager environment as well as being used as a standalone product. It is pretty versatile.

I've been doing some demos with Azure and AWS lately and I thought it would be an ideal time to record how you actually setup Azure Update Management working with virtual machines outside the Azure ecosystem. So check out the video below to find out what the process. 😊