Azure Security Centre Recommendation Refresh

A overview of the new refresh rate feature within Azure Security Centre.

Azure Security Centre can help give you visibility of your secure posture across your Azure workloads and also on your non Azure workloads. It's a great product within the Azure range, that has both a free and a paid tier available.

One really great feature of Azure Security Centre is that it gives you recommendations on things you can do to improve the security posture of your workloads. It will help you understand things like the patches that your servers are missing, to things like ensure that your network is protected against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Along side the recommendations is often a remediation button, that can quickly activate/turn on/fix the issue that Azure Security Centre has detected, meaning it can be a quick win for you and your organisation. However, one question often asked by customers is I've remediated the issue detected but the Azure Security Centre is still telling me the issue exists, when does the Security Centre refresh?

Well the product team have listened and they've added that feature in to the product! 😀

When you no dig into the recommendations each one has a "Freshness interval" which will show you when it will update and clear the alert if you have remediated it!