Azure Landing Zones Q&A

Join myself and Thomas Maurer in a live session around Landing Zones within Azure on the 7th April 2021.

Azure Landing Zones Q&A

When organisations are embarking on their Cloud Adoption Journey one of the things that they need to establish is a landing zone, or environment where their servers, workloads, resources can live when hosted within Azure. It's almost the equivalent to building out a new physical datacentre, you need things like network subnets, security roles, storage, etc

Over the last few months myself and Thomas Maurer have been working on a series of blog posts that explain a bit more about Azure Landing Zones and how you can start to think about them from your companies perspective when embarking on your cloud journey.

We've had a really good time working through the blog series and trying to answer some of the questions that we often hear around landing zones.  As part of the series we're doing a live Q&A on the 7th April. This live session is aimed at trying to answer your questions and also show you a landing zone being deployed live. 😁

The session is scheduled to be live at 3pm BST (UK Time), or 4pm CEST, or 10am EDT.  It will be live on LearnTV or YouTube.

We'd love to have you join us and ask your questions, if you want to add it to your diary to block out the time then you can download this ICS file 📅.