A Walk Through Azure

Some additional reading material after my "A Walk through Azure" session with the BCS in Aberdeen

Earlier this year I was asked to visit Aberdeen, Scotland to do a presentation around the Azure basics or fundamentals to the British Computer Society group based there. I was looking forward to visiting Aberdeen and the group in person but unfortunately things have happened around the world that has meant we've had to adjust that. For those that tuned into my remote session here are bunch of resources to follow up on.

Session Recording

Slide Deck

The slide deck from my presentation can be found on SlideShare.

Further Reading

The blog posts that my team and I write can be found at ITOpstalk.com, if there is ever anything you'd like to ask us or see us cover please do reach out, we'd be happy to help.

Cloud Computing Concepts

Azure Regions - find out which regions have an Azure datacentre and where the new ones are being built

Project Natick - a research project with a subsea datacentre in Orkney!

Azure Hybrid Benefit - bring Windows Server and SQL server on-premises licenses with Software Assurance to Azure

Azure Arc - bring Azure services and management to any infrastructure

Azure Trust Centre - look at how Azure deals with security, compliance and privacy

Create your Azure free account today - have a go with Azure today and explore the free services we offer to help get you on that journey

Microsoft Learn - a free platform that will help you learn Azure as well as other Microsoft services

Azure on Pluralsight - free Azure learning

Microsoft Certifications - back up your knowledge with a certification!

Azure Total Cost of Ownership Calculator - price up your on prem workloads and what they would look like in Azure and see if there are any cost savings that could be made