Glasgow Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

Glasgow Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

On the 21st April 2018, in 21 countries and 250 different locations event organizers all ran a Global Azure Bootcamp event.  The initiative has been running for several years now but 2018 was the first time Glasgow has hosted an event!  Hosted by the Glasgow Azure User Group the IT community came together to learn and share their Azure knowledge.  The  event had three speakers covering how to get certified in Azure, Serverless and Azure Stack.

It was a glorious morning, with not a cloud in the sky people set off towards Glasgow and the Collabor8te venue.  Unfortunately due to some issues with the door we had a delay in getting into the venue.  Thank you to everyone that hung around, and understand that these things happen.  We’re generally not that “disorganised” at the user group.   Once we got into the venue everyone pulled together to get the chairs laid out and setup so we could start the sessions without any further delay.

Glasgow Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

Up first was Gregor Suttie talking about how to start learning Azure and how to get certified.  It was a really informative session where everyone in the room helped to share tips and tricks they’d found useful along the learning and certification path.  It’s never easy to start learning a new technology or study for an exam that is constantly changing but I think after Gregor’s session everyone has a better idea of how to tackle it, thanks Gregor!

We had a short break to grab a beer and some swag while our next speaker got set up.  The beer we had at the event was themed!  A brewery in Scotland called Lerwick Brewery make a light and hoppy ale called Azure!  We had swag from Redgate, Elmah, Azure Passes and a selection of stickers, some of which were designed by the awesomely talented Ashley McNamara for our attendees and all went down a storm!

Glasgow Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

Glasgow Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

Our second speaker of the day was Analben Mehta.  Analben took us through Serverless and how to use it.  Using both her knowledge and live demos she shared the power of Azure and Function apps.  It was clear this is an area that Analben is very passionate about and it showed in her presentation and knowledge!

Lunch was kindly sponsored by Microsoft and we all enjoyed grabbing some tasty Subway sandwiches and fuelling up for the last session of the day.

The last session of the day was presented by Kenny Lowe and he talked about “Azure Stack and the Hybrid Cloud: Modernise Applications Anywhere”.   Kenny has a real passion for Azure Stack and his knowledge of how it could be used efficiently and effectively within companies’ cloud strategy was very clear.  It was great to have a Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) attend the event and hope to have more MVPs appear in the future.

We had been given a few prizes to give away as raffle prizes, but I decided that a wee quiz would be more entertaining! 🙂  Eleven questions tested the audience’s Azure and general IT geekness! 🙂  It was a nice wee interactive way to end the day off.


Although organising these events can take a bit of time and commitment I’m glad I managed to carve out the time to hold the first Glasgow Global Azure Bootcamp event this year.   I’d like to try and grow the event and make it bigger next year.   If you attended this year’s event please take the time to provide some feedback so I can use it to make next year’s better.  The feedback form can be found at:

We had many global sponsors supporting us as part of the Global Azure Bootcamp initiative and a huge thank you to them all but I’ve like to call out the sponsors who helped us out locally:



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